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Zhejiang Boshuo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise integrating power distribution switch control equipment and complete sets of equipment, box-type substation, industrial automation equipment, electrical components and power transformer manufacturing. The company has a high-quality team integrating scientific research, production and sales. It has strong technical force and advanced management. It has implemented computer management and computer-aided design and processing. The company has established and maintained the 1S09001 quality system, strictly controlling the quality of products from design to finished products and services. Through innovation, the company has completed the upgrading of complete sets of equipment and achieved leap-forward development in terms of technology, production and quality.

Good foundation, high grade, strict management,

Flexible high-tech enterprise

In order to meet the needs of our customers, the company has implemented refined management to enable customers to obtain greater value, comprehensively improve customer satisfaction, and lay a good foundation for the company's sustainable development. Now it has entered a coordinated, healthy and fast modernization. Standardize the operational track and become a high-tech enterprise with good foundation, high grade, strict management and flexible mechanism.

The company carries forward the concept of high quality and honesty, is market-oriented, and always focuses on the three aspects of “star, price and service”, and provides innovative, safe and reliable products and solutions for industrial enterprises and social users. Related Services. With the enterprise spirit of "unity, pragmatism and innovation", the company makes full use of various resources, especially human resources, relies on high-quality talents who work hard, gathers the wisdom of all employees, and rationally expands the industrial field. The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy. Competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges are in the same place. Boshuo Electric has decided to take the "industrial technology, enterprise shareholding, management standardization, marketing globalization" as the development direction, and strive to make the company Establish a model in the industry.



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